Plastic Plaque

Plastic plaques of all sizes and with different combinations of colour combinations

Brass Plaque

Brass plaques of tulle of different measures and in all the forms

Perugino Model

Original American box in galvanized steel sheet and painted in the next colours: black, white, red, aluminium and green
Measures cm 17x22x48

Intercom Panel

Push-button panel with intercom for 8-10-12 bells in shiny brass, antique or painted iron, complete with kit / pls for protection of the electrical part.

Boccioni Model

For exteriors in anodised aluminium, silver and bronze, in aluminium painted like ivory ral1013 or like cast-iron. For interiors in anodised aluminium, silver or bronze.
Measures cm 20,4x29x7

Bellini Model

In anodized die-cast aluminium painted in red, black, green and grey-cast.
Measures cm 30×46,5×9,5

Wooden Bulletin Board

For two A4 papers or 1 A3 paper.
Measures and colours optionally.

Notice board in aluminum

For two A4 papers or 1 A3 paper.
Measures cm 55x40x5

Rembrandt Model

Veronese Model

Bulletin Board For Counters

Tutte Le Foto

Signboard with an iron Post

Tutte Le Foto

Box For Advertasing

Advertising box in electro-galvanized sheet available in the following format white, cast iron and 18/10 stainless steel with DTL finish.

This post is also available in: Italian